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Find cutting board plans available with Ted's Woodworking Plans. This is a sample of the cutting board plans you will find as part of the large woodworking package called Ted's Woodworking - The #1 Woodworking Resource. Download the cutting board plans below plus more when you purchase Ted's Woodworking Plans.

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Cutting Board Plans

Using just a few tools and a small investment you can create a DIY cutting board using plans from Ted's Woodworking.

Cutting boards are easy to build yet the completed project delivers spectacular results. Tools and woodworking skills required to get the job done are basic. If you wish you can even show-off your own creativity and wood-pairing when building a cutting board.

A cutting board is most useful in the kitchen; but only certain woods are recommended for a cutting board project. A wooden cutting board should be made from hardwood with tight grains. Food particles can become embedded into open grained woods which can create unwanted bacteria to build up. You may want certain added features such as an attached drain area or cutting wire. Also, a cutting board can be made to fit over a sink with an open area to let discarded food drop below. The possibilities are almost endless.

From butcher block to a more complicated wood pairing you are sure to find just the right cutting board plan for the chef in your family when using Ted's Woodworking Plans.

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Cutting Board plans

Cutting Board plans

Cutting Board plans

Cutting Board plans

Cutting Board plans

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