Tree House Plans

Choose from the many free woodworking plans available for tree houses.

Tree House Plan
Here are plans for a freestanding tree house with look-out post that is supported by a wooden frame underneath.

Home in the Trees
Build a tree house that is designed to be built around a tree trunk, has several windows and a front deck area.

The A-Frame
This is a plan for an A-framed tree house with decking that is built using 2 posts and a tree or 4 posts without the tree.

tree house plansBuild a Tree House
Here is a tree house that is built using lattice work, wooden spindles, solid wood floor and roof. It also has stairs instead of a ladder.

Build a Tree House
Learn how to build a tree house; features include solid decking, a ladder and wall frames.

Simple Tree House
Instructions, material list and pictures to go along with each step of the building process.

Tree House Construction Guide
Everything you need to know about building a tree house is right here!

Kid's Tree House with Swing Set
This tree house is really more of a self supporting platform built around a tree rather than the traditional type of tree house consisting of a small playhouse built or placed in the tree's branches. This tree house was specifically designed for younger kids.

Tree House
With the right materials and proper building techniques, your tree house will last for years.