Stool Plans

Build a stool for those hard to reach places. Choose from the many free stool plans below.

Milking Stool
Any wood is suitable for this project, pine is not that expensive and easy to work with.

Garden Stool Plans
Always tired of sitting on your knees to work in your garden? Follow these simple plans to build a garden stool with handles. It's light to carry, but sturdy enough for hours of sitting and working in the garden.

Ergonomic Stool
Ergonomic stools provide the combined benefit of being both good for your back and being a convenient spare due to the fact that you can fold them up when they are not in use. The stool is surprisingly easy to construct:

3 Footstool Plans
Choose from three different footstool plans starting with the easiest, to the most difficult.

Step Stool Plan
Constructed from your favorite wood, this stool can be made from some of those scraps you've been saving in your shop.

Wooden Stool Plan
A simple & quick to build wooden stool using the lumber of your choice and a little paint.

Shaker Step Stool
Tools needed are as follows: clamps, a block plane, jack plane, a couple Japanese saws, two sharp chisels, a coping saw and a hand drill.

Kid's Stool Plans
Made of 3ft of 1X10 pine & simple butt joints reinforced with screws make this an easy project for the beginner, or perhaps a child's first project.

Step Stool
This step stool can be built in 15-minutes from the time your board hits the saw until you drive your last screw. Great for the kids to use or even when you need to reach a high place.

Garden Stool
This project shows how to make a strong, basic, outside stool; a very useful implement to have in any garden.

Three Legged Stool
Make one or a dozen with production jigs

Step Stool
This light but very sturdy step stool is a perfect way to help little ones think big, whether they need to wash their hands, put away games and toys, or get to their favorite book.

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