Woodworking Projects

Free woodworking projects for canisters, trays, spice racks and many more.

Wavy Flag
Here is a great way to display your patriotism. Simply add a wooden star, or two, and you have a nice item to hang on your front door.

Lathe Cut Dolls
Here's a really nice old-fashion set of lathe turned dolls that are quite easy to make. These wonderful little dolls are made from 2 x 2 scraps or 1 in. diameter dowel left-overs. The dolls are turned on a wood lathe then hand painted.

Cookie Jar/Kitchen Canisters
Here is project for a popular style wooden cookie jar you can build in one weekend. You can even vary the dimensions to make a lovely wooden kitchen canister set.

Old Fashioned Wall Box
This old fashioned wall box will look beautiful hanging in your home. You can use it for decoration or put stuff in it.

2 Picture Frames
Here are two fairly simple picture frames you can build in one day. One has a bead corner edge while the other has a Roman / Chamfer edge. The final frames can be finished any a variety of ways.

Spice Rack
Build this simple spice rack to hold your most used spices. Holds many different size bottles.

Metal/Plastic Candle Sticks
Here is an attractive pair of candle sticks which you can turn with the new carbide tipped turning chisels. The plastic base is turned from 1/4in. clear plexiglas, while the cup itself is turned from 1-1/2in. free turning brass rod.

Maypole Lamp
Nice for the nursery or child's room, this little lamp is easy to build. Cutouts are 3/8 inch gum plywood. Use these diagrams and patterns to build your Maypole Lamp today.

Crumb Tray
The crumb tray is a simple turning. You can even make a matching comb to help clean up those messy crumbs.

Silverware Caddy
A silverware caddy is great for when you have numerous guests. Nobody will have to leave the table when this caddy is present. It will hold silverware, napkins, condiments and more.

Knife Holder
The Knife Holder has room for five kitchen knives. The front block is slotted with saw cuts and the facing edge is set back in steps which can be cut on the shaper or jointer.

Easter Table Centerpiece
Enhance your Easter table setting with this rabbit cart centerpiece. It also makes an attractive Easter basket for the youngsters. In fact, a string can be fastened to the front crosspiece of the yoke to make it into a pull toy.

Candle Holder
With just a little imagination and some scrap wood you can make a beautiful and unique candle holder.

Fishing Reel
Plans to build a wooden fishing reel.

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