Easy Woodworking Plans

Build a fast project with one of these free woodworking plans.

Novelty Candlesticks
The unique part of this project is the way in which these candle sticks may be dis-assembled and closed up to look like an ordinary turned box.

Initial Bookends
By cutting the initials of either your first or last name and tracing it onto 1 inch thick stock, you can make some very attractive book ends.

Small Project PlansChopping Bowl
Make a bowl specifically for chopping small foods. The chopping bowl is first turned to shape and then marked off with the use of the dividing head, preparatory to band sawing. It takes a standard chopping knife.

Paper Napkin Holder
When serving snacks and tidbits to your guests, they can help themselves to the square-folded paper napkins from the easy-to-make holder.

Picture Frame/Mirror
Make a beautiful wooden frame that can be used to hold pictures or even a mirror. Frame also swings back and forth.

Many Free Craft Patterns
Christmas crafts, Thanksgiving crafts, Halloween crafts and more!

Keepsake Box
Here's a great place to put your tooth for the tooth fairy to put your reward. Then when the day comes that you're not losing any more teeth it makes a great little keepsake box.

Crooked Bedside Lamps
A set of oak lamps that are unique, but were constructed using only a jigsaw and an electric drill.

Abacus Lamp
The point of this project was to design a low-light lamp that would provide interesting shadows.

A cupola is a radially symmetrical ornamental structure located on top of a larger roof or dome, often used as a lookout or to admit light and provide ventilation. Use these plans to build your cupola.

Desk Organizer
A desk organizer designed to have small drawers for hiding the more junky items, such as floppy disks, staples and so on.

Door Harp
Follow these plans and instructions to make a classy door harp.

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