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Free shelf plans including knick knack shelf plans and picture shelf plans.

Building Shelves
Save time, money and effort by using this design plan to build attractive, yet functional shelving.

Horse Shelf Plans
This shelf is great for the horse lover or even to put in a country home. Instructions with pattern to make a horse shelf.

Three Heart Shelf
Follow these simple directions to make a three heart shelf with three pegs. Great for holding things or just for decoration.

Airplane Shelf PlansBuild a Beautiful Knick Knack Shelf
Build your own beautiful knick knack shelf to show off your most prized possessions and woodworking skills at the same time.

Shadow Box Plans
A shadow box is a great way to display mementos.

Bow Shelf
This simple shelf is an excellent beginner project, it can be made out of pine with a clear finish or out of plywood and then be painted.

Picture Shelf Plans
Picture shelves are a good way to display pictures as opposed to hanging them on the wall. It's easy to rearrange the pictures when you want a different look.

Closet Shelving Unit
This project requires 3/4 inch birch plywood , 1 X 2 wood trim & 2 inch dowel.

Traditional Hanging Shelves
These construction drawings offer detailed instructions on building two designs.

Corner Shelves
This corner shelf project is a very simple weekend project. The shelves are made out of plywood with cheap pine used as the edging to give the effect of a thicker, more solid type of wood.

Curio Cabinet
Display your favorite collection safely away from the hands of youngsters.

Portable Shelf
A piece of plywood approximately 5 inches wide by 20 inches long is all the material that is necessary for making this portable shelf. It contains its own brackets and can be folded flat for storage.

Display Cabinet
Make an attractive display cabinet.

Folding Shelf
This is a great shelf to display your favorite holiday decor, and easy enough to fold up and put away when its not needed.

Crown Molding Shelf
A quick & easy project for beginners or for those whom are more experienced.

Window Shelf
Build one of these variations of window shelves that are meant to fit above a window.

Display Cabinet
This display cabinet is designed with a router in mind.

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