Shelf Plans

Build wall shelves and built-in shelves with these free shelf plans.

Wave Shelf
Plans and diagrams to build your own wave shelf out of just one piece of plywood. Intermediate skill level.

Sewing Thread Holder Shelf
This shelf can be build using any wood and easily modified for more thread holders.

Plate Shelf PlansMug Holder Shelf
An Early American mug shelf that is easy and quick to build.

Follow this pattern to make a turned shelf. Shelf is great for holding picture frames, knick knacks, plants or whatever you choose.

Built-In Utility Shelves
A half ladder is built and nailed to a wall stud, then horizontal stretchers are added to form another edge of the shelf.

Shelving for a Garage
Step by step instructions to add shelving to your garage to help keep it organized & clean.

How to Build Shelves
Additional shelving is useful in almost every home and can be added quickly and easily. And it need not be expensive. You can make basic, non-adjustable shelving from solid boards of almost any size or width.

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