Router Table Plans

Build a perfect customized router table with these free woodworking plans. ase to fit your home's needs with one of these free bookcase plans.

Quick Router Table
Not much to look at, but if you don't have a router table yet, it's simple to build.

Router Table
Features a built in router table, a versatile clamping system, and lots of storage space.

router table plansFold-Away Router Table
A portable router table top that you can quickly attach to the edge of your workbench.

Simple Router Table Plans
This router table sits on a workmate, it is suitable for most small routers and can be made very easily.

Rolling Router Table
Here is a procedure for making a cable spool into a router table and is really quite simple.

Router Table
This router table provides a workable area of 15 inches which will allow you far more flexibility than a shop-bought model.

Build a Router Table
It's like having a small shaper in the shop.


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