Nesting Table Plans

Nesting tables can keep extra tables handy for guests while taking up a very small space. Most of the nesting table plans below are for a set of 3 tables and can be used as separate tables or a nested combination.

Melrose Nesting Tables
This plan is for three Melrose nesting tables to build, each with a drawer.

Contemporary Tables
Plans for very square but contemporary looking nesting side tables.

nesting table plansSide Tables
Three more nesting side tables to choose from. Plans include a materials list and some drawings to help with building.

Plywood Nesting Tables
These nesting tables can be made using three sheets of plywood. Go to the very end of the article to download a pdf with dimensions.

MDF Tables That Nest
These small nesting tables stay out of the way since they are built to nest. These have MDF tops and are very simple looking.

Three Outdoor Tables
Build these 3 nesting tables for the outdoors. Space-saving design even allows an area to tuck an ottoman away.

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