Planter Plans

Add style to your yard using one of these free planter plans.

Tiered Planter
This planter is designed to be pushed against a wall, with the flowers being viewed from the front.

Wheelbarrow Planter
Simple plans and instructions to make a wheelbarrow planter. This wheelbarrow is not only ornamental but is also functional and can be wheeled about from place to place.

Wall Planter Plans
This planter serves both as a small display shelf for curios and a container for 3-1/2 inch diameter potted plants.

planter plansRail Planter
These planters are easy to build and can be made from scrap wood. This planter is designed to fit a long narrow plastic planter and go over a 2in. X 6in. deck rail.

Strawberry Planter
It seems like space is always a problem when planting a garden. Well how about going vertical? This nifty strawberry planter does just that.

9 Planter Pot Stand
This project only takes about one day to build, but will last for years. This sturdy little stand will look great on your deck or patio. Designed for outdoor use with rot-resistant wood and rust-resistant fasteners.

Wheelbarrow Planter
A wheelbarrow planter is just what you need in your yard/garden. Use these step-by-step plans to build your movable and adorable planter.

Garden Chair Plant Stand
This is a simple project that will look great in your garden. The garden chair plant stand is to place potted plants on it. Even a vine plant near the back to climb up the back rest would be nice.

Wagon Planter
Follow these step-by-step directions to make your own wagon planter. Looks great on your porch or patio.

Garden Planter Box Plans
Use these step-by-step instructions to build your own garden planter box. The finished planter is 48" by 24" by about 27" tall.

Simple Planter Box
This planter box is both a simple and inexpensive project to undertake.

Planter Plans
A lightweight, easy to move planter for your patio or deck.

Tapered Planter Box
This planter box can be modified to fit a wide range of applications.

Deck Planter Plans
This design is perfect for using the left over wood from a wooden deck project.

Window Planter Box
A window box planter, like the one featured in this project, is a great way to add detail to a home's exterior.

Folding Plant Stand
A small amount of plywood and an afternoon are all you need to build it.

Planter Box
Using cedar fence scraps you can make a cedar planter box in no time. Looks great and almost cost you nothing.

Bronze Mesh Planter
As the light changes the mesh planter changes appearance. Build your bronze mesh planter, fill it up with soil/dirt, plant some flowers and watch them grow.

Planter Box
With a raised planter right outside the kitchen door, you can have a continual supply of salad greens nearly year-round. Enjoy easy access to fresh greens with this easy-to-build raised planter box.

Chinese Plant Stand
Tall skinny table made just for a plant.


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