Picnic Table Plans

Build a convenient, sturdy picnic table for your backyard or cabin using 2x4 or 2x6 wood.

Trestle Picnic Table
This pioneer Trestle Picnic Table can be used as a desk, or for indoor or outdoor dining for six.

6-sided Picnic Table
Planning, Safety Tips, Wood Selection and more to help you build this 6-sided Picnic Table.

Picnic Table Plans
Build this 6 foot classic picnic table with basic hand tools. All it requires are a saw, a drill, a screwdriver, and adjustable wrench.

picnic table plans
Kid's Picnic Table
Here are instructions & cutting list for each piece of timber needed to construct the kids BBQ picnic table.

Folding Picnic Table
This folding picnic table and bench seat combination consists of two individual bench seats with backs that can be folded over and up to form a picnic table capable of seating four adults and two kids. It is very simple to revert the table back into two separate bench seats whenever this combination is preferred.

Picnic Table Plans
Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a picnic outside on your own picnic table. Plans to build your own sturdy picnic table that can seat 6 adults comfortably.

Octagon Picnic Table
Instructions and plans to build an octagonal picnic table. It's the perfect size to have all your friends over for a BBQ.

Large Picnic Table
The table that's described here is a large one, 28 inches wide and 8 ft. long.

Picnic Table
There are no instructions for this one, as everything is pretty much self explanatory. Have fun!

Traditional Picnic Table
This is a larger than normal traditional picnic table, which can seat eight adults. The table is 80 in. long and the top is 32 in. wide, so there's plenty of room for a bit of food, too!

Build a Classic Picnic Table
An excellent weekend project, this easy-to-build picnic table will soon become the focal point of your backyard.

Large Picnic Table
Relatively simple and straight forward you can build a table that will last for decades.

Kid's Picnic Table
This child-sized A-frame table is sturdy and durable, and most kids will find the table height ideal. And kids likely will enjoy sitting at their own, real picnic table.

Hexagon Picnic Table
Plans & instructions for building a hexagon picnic table; great for a large family!

Picnic Table Benches
Using 2 x 4's and the diagrams show here, you can have a bench build is a short amount of time.

Picnic Table
Build this picnic table out of YellaWood brand pressure treated pine and get set to enjoy many family picnics in your own backyard.

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