Drop Leaf and Folding Table Plans

Build a drop leaf table and save tons of room but have expansion when it is needed. Or try a folding table that you can hide in a closet and pull out when it's time for the poker game. There's lots of choices below:

Drop Leaf Table Plans:

Pembroke Table
There is nothing like adding an antique look to a guest room or sewing room. Build this Pembroke drop leaf table that will enhance any room.

Gateleg Table
The gateleg table is a wonderful piece of furniture that is a welcome addition to living room, den or study. This one folds down to just 5" x 24".

Drop Leaf Table Plans
This drop leaf table is about one foot deep when it is positioned against a wall. Very nice set of plans and even includes photos for some of the work.

drop leaf table plans
Folding Table Plans:

Rollaway Folding Table
This small rollaway folding table is great whenever a small utility table is needed. Just roll this one in.

Small Handy Table
If you want to sit out on the porch and watch the sunset with an ice tea, this small folding table is just the ticket.

Folding Three-Legged Table
For economy and saving space saving there is nothing like a folding three-legged table. This is a very simple diagram for building one, and no materials list or instructions.

Folding Card Table
If you need another table for poker night but don't want a piece of furniture using up space when it's not being used, this folding card table is the perfect solution.

Pay Plans: