Bunk Bed Plans

Choose from the many free woodworking plans available for bunk beds. Layering one bed on the other will save space in any bedroom. There's even bunk bed plans below for a full bed topped by a twin bed.
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Bunk Bed Project
This is a bunk bed plan with photos for a a full size bed on the bottom and a twin size bed on top.

The Little Cottage
Build a bunk bed that looks like a charming cottage with windows on the top and bottom and a stairway on the side.

Three Beds in One
Here are instructions for building this all in one bed set with two beds on top, one bed and built-in drawers on the bottom.

bunk bed plans
Bunk Bed Plans
You can built this basic bunk bed with ladder and safety railing using this plan with diagrams.

Cabin Style
This is a project for creating a strong and study cabin style twin bunk bed using these instructions.

Tractor Dreams
Here is a bunk bed that is designed to look like a tractor; it has wheels on the lower portion and a cab on the top.

Build a Bunk Bed
Build this attractive bunk bed using construction grade 2 x 10s. Bed has a safety rail on the top bunk and a side ladder.

Twin over Twin
This is a woodworking project for a handsome twin bunk bed with slated wood sides and a guard rail on both sides of the top bunk.

Built-In Bunk Bed
Here is a bunk bed that is built-in to the corner of a bedroom and has only one leg on the outside corner of the frame.

The Knock Down
Create this unique bunk bed that can be easily assembled and disassembled for ease of moving or to put into storage.

Bunk Bed Plans
This bed can be taken down quickly by use of a simple bolted connection at rails and uprights.

Bunk Beds
If you are looking for a rugged, simple, and yet, practical bunk bed plan, here is one that will help you achieve a very pleasant look with just a little effort.

Build a Bunk Bed
Material list, pictures and diagrams help you build this bunk bed to enjoy for years to come.

Child's Bed
A bunk bed that is strong, inexpensive and easy to build and will last and last.

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