Bookcase Plans

What could be better than free bookcase plans?

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Magazine Stand Plans
Build a 4 shelf magazine stand or small bookshelf.

Bench Top Bookcase
With a different base and a few molding profile changes you can give your bookcase an entirely new appearance. Diagrams and detailed instructions included.

Deluxe Bookcase
The materials needed to build this bookcase are minimal & the tools are simple.

bookcase plansAdjustable Bookcase Plans

Modular units make up this adjustable bookcase.

Instructions for building a built-in wall unit book shelf. Plans can be customized as needed.

4 Different Cabinet Designs

With one cabinet plan, you can vary it and build a medicine cabinet, open wall shelf, bookcase or Colonial wall cabinet.

Book Rack
Build a book rack in just one evening. Not only is it attractive, but you can move it around with its handy handle.

Woodworking plans to build your own bookshelf. Its design allows it to fit under a window sill. Can be completed in 5-6 hours.

Tall Bookcase Plans
Simple-to-build bookcase that can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Small Bookcase
Step by step instructions to build a compact, adjustable-shelf bookcase.

Build a Bookcase
All it takes, essentially, is some sturdy veneer plywood and a circular saw, leaving you with a piece of furniture worthy of a great library.

Display Cases
No matter how nice they look, display cases are really nothing more than plywood boxes with solid-wood edging applied to the front and back.

Wall Cubbies
Wall cubbies, can be customized to suit children's changing tastes as they grow. You can make just one cubby or stack several to create more space for a kid's imagination and creativity.

Bookcases Page 1 2 3