Free Bookcase Plans

Free bookcase plans for building bookcases from simple to complex.

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Pine Bookcase
This project features simple construction and is designed to be built with basic woodworking tools.

Music Stand/Magazine Stand
Build a mission style music stand or magazine stand with free plans.

Build a Home Library
These bookcases are made without backs, anchoring them to the painted walls with cleats on the back of the shelves. Construction is fairly simple, standard cabinet case construction.

Mission Bookcase Plans
This simple, inexpensive mission-style bookcase features only 2 shelves but will be a great mission accent piece.

Book Rack
Make your own adjustable book racks. Not only do they look nice, but they do a great job holding your books in place. It's so easy, you should make several.

Magazine Rack/Bookshelf
Build a 5 shelf magazine rack or bookshelf.

Bookcase Plans
This bookcase is a free standing bookcase with all the charm and simple beauty of mission style furniture.

Build a Bookcase
Learn the correct way to build a lovely bookcase in your own workshop. Step by step plans from initial planning to the finished product.

Boat Bookcase
Easy to follow instructions for a unique project.

One Week-End Bookcase
You can build this bookcase in one day and finish it the next.

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