Bookcase Plans

Build a bookcase to fit your home's needs with one of these free bookcase plans.

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Dictionary and Magazine Stand

Build a stand with free plans to hold magazines or a dictionary.

Grand Walnut Bookcase
Rich walnut, elegant details and secret storage in a design that's fast and straight forward to build

Music Rack and Bookstand
Build a very handy music rack and bookstand, which also can be used at the bedside as a reading stand.

bookcase plansBookcase
Build an open-ended bookcase to add more storage to your rooms.

Build these shelves to the lengths given, or make them longer or shorter to fit your needs.

Barrister Bookcase Plans
You can make any number of units that can be stacked on one another and stacked side-by-side as well.

Build A Basic Case of Shelves
This shelf case is designed specifically for DVDs but you can alter the dimensions and basic design to suit whatever you want it to hold.

Mission Book Rack
Build a mission book rack for your desk or shelves.

Magazine Stand Plans
Clean design and Mission styling make this magazine stand a unique addition to any decor. This stand has generous sized storage shelves for magazines, books or knick-knacks.

Mission Bookshelf Plans
Build a light but strong Mission bookshelf with free plans. This is an easily constructed bookshelf or bookcase in the classic Mission style.

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