Bird House Plans

Build a bird house with simple to complex free bird house plans.

Bluebird House Plans
This bird house has a swing open door on the side so you can peek inside.

Turned Bird House
This article and plans walk you through turning a birdhouse.

Gourd Bird House
These basic gourd birdhouses are popular with the birds and purple martins!

bird house plans15 Bird House Plans
Here are 15 different bird house plans arranged by the specific bird that you want to inhabit your bird house.

Birds' Nesting Box
Now is the time to start building a bird nesting box so that when the spring does arrive, your local birds have a nice new home.

Tall Bird House
This is a very simple project when pre-cut pieces are used.

Purse Birdhouse
Build this very sheek and stylish purse birdhouse. The birds will love living in a fashionable birdhouse.

Birdhouse/Bird Feeder
Make your own birdhouse and bird feeder in one. Use birdseed biscuits or a solid birdseed block and your bird visitors will be satisfied and refreshed.

Robin Shelters
The entire robin shelter is made of 1/2 in. lumber except for the three 1/4 in. edging strips. For a long lasting shelter box, make it out of redwood or cypress material.

Wren Bird House
Three wren bird house projects that may be used as the hanging type or placed on a post.

Classic Bird House
This bird house can be made very quickly & uses minimal materials and tools.

Purple Martin Bird House
Print out this step by step project and build this bird house in a day!

Wren House
Build this comfortable and easy cleaning wren house for your favorite feather friends. House has an entrance hole, as well as vent holes on the top. Use these plans to build this wren house today.

Four Birdhouses
Plans for four different birdhouses. You can build a basic house, a house for multiple Martin families, a mailbox style birdhouse or a unique birdhouse that looks great as a decoration in the kitchen or hanging in your sunroom.

Wren Bird House Plan
Build the wrens in your neighborhood a home - your fine feathered friends will love it.

Wren Bird House Plan
Build the perfect home for your feathered friends with this easy wren house plan.

Log Cabin Bird House
Rustic bird house design. Make one with vintage materials for an authentic look.

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