Bar Plans

Build a home bar with a variety of free bar plans.

Recycled Bar
You can recycle a glass-panel door by turning it into an attractive outdoor bar using these instructions.

Outdoor Bar Plan
This bar plan has simple wood frame construction with attached side cladding, plus ample storage area.

The Fold Out
This bar is designed with hinges on each end so that it can be folded out when in use then folded in when not in use. Great for a small space.

Wet Bar
Personalize your own bar by following these instructions that gives different ideas on lighting, electrical requirements and more.

Backyard Island Party
Build this square shaped tiki bar that has a thatched roof, bamboo accents and lots of countertop space.

The Wooden Boat
This bar is shaped like a wooden boat standing on end. It has a cabinet at the bottom, a counter top, an area to hang wine glasses and more.

Outdoor Party Bar
Here is a plan for an outdoor party bar built out of cedar with plenty of storage room under the counter.

Recycled Door Project
This project takes a salvaged door and turns it into a handsome countertop for a bar that can sit outside or inside.

Stylish Indoor Bar
Build this indoor bar that offers a stainless steel foot railing, trimmed panels, oak bar rail and more.

At Home Happy Hour
Here is a buffet-style home bar that has an area for a small refrigerator, plus glass shelving for placing cocktail glasses and liquor bottles.

Beautiful Indoor Bar
This bar measures 72 inches long and 42.5 inches high. It has a brass foot rail, oak armrest and a mock frame and panel design.

The Man Cave
Follow these six steps for creating a solid wood bar that can be painted or stained to match the decor of the man cave.

Home Bar Plans
These wet bar plans and construction tips will help get all those desired wet bars on their way.

Plywood Bar Plan
Create a great looking bar out of plywood that has four drawers, plenty of counter space and storage below.

Handsome Oak Bar
Build this hansome bar that commands atention with its rich oak construction and recessed panels.

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